Save Employees from...
Emotional Overloading,
& even Road Rage.

View the health of your organization from a new perspective.

The funeral services industry is one of the most difficult businesses to work in. The emotional state of your employees is critical to your success.

Smart Research

Our work with deathcare industry professional associations, psychologists, and death doulas has built a network of care professionals who know how to ask questions that provide rich responses with the fewest words.

MorTrack uses this backbone to ensure questions are to the point, yet offer the most feedback. 

Smart Request Cadence

Nobody likes being asked how their day is right in the middle of their most stressful or busy time of their day. MorTrack pays attention to the caseload, special dates and age of case being managed.

Then only prompts questions when the feedback can be safely collected while still in context.

User Specific Feedback

User specific feedback is kept in confidence and only accessible by the user and company management. Increasing the time from stimuli to action can make all the difference.

Whether it's in front of a customer, or while in transport on the road somewhere. How we respond is everything. 

Company Wide Feedback

Feedback offers real data to back up current systems and can showcase where better systems are needed to help employees with soft skills such as dealing with difficult clients, anger management, road rage and many other emotionally driven situations that could easily cost the organization clients, reputations and even employees. 

MorTrack Gives You More

Temper the Response to Stimuli

From the first removal by a new employee, to a tenured removal tech. A decedent case that hits close to home, by decedent age group, collection situation or initial condition can weigh heavily on the emotional health of a removal tech.

Compound this day-to-day emotional exposure with road conditions, workload and personal expectations to perform to a high level can lead to poor responses to future situations.

Giving users the easy-to-capture feedback reduces the "boil-over" effect when it comes to emotional health.

Professional Support Alliance

FPPS alliance offers a valuable resource for users - A real human to talk to that has walked a mile in your shoes.

Talk or text to a peer when it's most needed or most convenient for you. 

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Aggregate Feedback by Organization

As management, when feedback is reviewed in a vacuum is not as useful as when its placed against a company wide, then industry wide responses offers real reference point.

The ability to see what are good days, bad days and when to intervene to keep an employee happy and productive can make all the difference.

When to Intervene

Death is a fact of life.

How the emotional impact is managed is rarely discussed. Sharing feedback gives an outlet for the user that not only relieves tensions, but offers a way for management to provide better systems to ensure employee health and satisfaction.

"Emotional support feedback has changed our business."


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