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Creating Certainty

Why work with us

We don't have an office like the picture above. We're not sure anyone sits in a dark room surrounding a 3d printer, as if to be discussing what slice of pizza each one is planning to eat.

What we do have is a world-class group of process engineers, developers and support team (who hate having their pictures taken).

Our technical team is supported by industry experts and an administrative staff focused on creating better systems that foster the ability to make the best decisions possible.

If your goal is to attain more information about your inventory, we're the team you want on your side.

The Cairnstack Name

Cairnstack comes from the word "cairn," which means "a stack of stones."

For thousands of years, Cairns have been constructed to help travelers follow a trail, indicating a point of interests or something to be cautious of.

Cairn's are known for being simple to identify, yet hold additional meaning for those who have the key or understand method of "the stack".

At Cairnstack, we see ourselves as helpful guides to assist in creating a digital twin of your product and its full life cycle.

Why not augment your organization’s reporting to see farther down the path. Learn to see metrics in plane sight and know when to alter course by how products are used, in real-time.

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We focus on the employee interface as much as the data collected to maximize widespread acceptance on application rollouts

The Way We Work

Throw Out the Manual

Well-designed software is an intuitive software. If you (or your employees) know how to use a mobile phone, you can easily use our software without ever consulting a manual.

Be Treated Fairly

Sure, many software companies can get greedy. In our case, we'll be upfront with you concerning what things really cost versus asking you, "what's your budget?

Be Heard

We're into continuous improvement …it's the only way for us to make our software better. So, that means we're always listening for your feedback— the good and the bad.

Talk to a Human

When you need support, you expect a timely answer or resolution to your challenge. That's why you'll always talk to a live human; either by online chat or by phone.

Accurate Information

In uncertain times, you need to have certainty about where your tracked assets are at all times. Good or bad sometimes the most difficult part about the business is making choices with less than certain information.

Visibility into All of Your Options

When it comes to making decisions about your inventory management system, we'll help you understand your ALL of options.

No risk

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Be the “go-to resource” for timely, consistent and reliable removals in your area.

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